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Writing Prompt 2.18.21

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn but have been too afraid to try? Surfing. Surfing is one of the most impressive, beautiful sports in the world. Everything about it seems like it would completely take over the soul. The beauty of the surroundings, the ability to harness the power of the ocean for […]

Writing Prompt 2.17.21

What is your idea of a perfect summer? Summer means baseball, so my perfect summer would be catching a ballgame at every MLB stadium over the course of the season. Add to that a trip to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and I would call that the dream. Checking off every stadium is a […]

Writing Prompt 2.16.21

If you could book a flight tomorrow for anywhere in the work, where would you go and why? I’ve always wanted to visit Norway, and find the farm where my ancestors came from. Supposedly, I have distant cousins that still work that land that has been in the family since the 1400’s. My grandad did […]

Pain, Protests, Bill and Ted, and the Thorn in our Flesh.

Like many others, I’ve been hyper-emotional lately. The 2020 cocktail of Covid 19, quarantine, the threat of war, constant arguing, and our Black brothers and sisters crying out for help have me wearing my emotions on my sleeve. I’m tearing up at the drop of a hat lately. Quiet time to process has become a […]

Kobe, Comic Con, and the Quest for First.

It’d be disingenuous of me to say I was a huge Kobe Bryant fan. I think he was a phenomenal athlete, but I mostly checked out of the NBA after the Sonics left Seattle, and have only checked back in over the past few years as Giannis has captured my attention. I’d put Kobe on […]

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