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Pain, Protests, Bill and Ted, and the Thorn in our Flesh.

Like many others, I’ve been hyper-emotional lately. The 2020 cocktail of Covid 19, quarantine, the threat of war, constant arguing, and our Black brothers and sisters crying out for help have me wearing my emotions on my sleeve. I’m tearing up at the drop of a hat lately. Quiet time to process has become a […]

Kobe, Comic Con, and the Quest for First.

It’d be disingenuous of me to say I was a huge Kobe Bryant fan. I think he was a phenomenal athlete, but I mostly checked out of the NBA after the Sonics left Seattle, and have only checked back in over the past few years as Giannis has captured my attention. I’d put Kobe on […]

Looking Forward.

[Post 3/3] Last week we announced my transition from youth ministry into an Associate Pastor role at New Vintage Church. I’ve received a ton of great feedback, and plenty of questions about what exactly I’ll be doing from here on out. The short answer is, whatever I can to help our church grow.  I’m leaving […]

Thank You.

Thank You. [Post 2/3] This past Sunday we made the announcement that I would be making the transition from Youth Pastor to Associate pastor at New Vintage Church. I co-led my first youth event 20 years ago, and accepted my first full time youth ministry position almost 15 years ago to the day. Over those […]

Passing The Baton.

[Post 1/3] A few weeks ago at CIY, our summer camp, Jeff Walling who is a good friend to NVC, and one of my mentors pulled me, our associate youth Pastor Scotty Cowan, and one of our students on stage to help him with his sermon illustration. He had the four of us jog in […]

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