Writing Prompt 2.27.21

What song old or new do you think could have been written about you and why?

Intents and Purposes by Spraynard

So sometimes I write down every goal I have
To feel a little bit better about how I spend my time
But that list just keeps getting longer
And I’ve forgotten how to draw the lines

Slow me down
Show me what it’s like not to run around
Cause every day feels like I threw it away
And I don’t want that to be okay

Slow me down
(I’m sick of running)

This song resonates on several levels. First of all, I have on multiple occassions spent my time organizing my thought and to-do lists in an effort to feel productive. I have struggled with the need to feel productive for a while now, and some times it feels necessary to fake it so I can convince myself my day was not wasted. As the comedian Jim Gaffigan jokes, there are some days where I fly through my to do list and can accomplish like 40 tasks, and on other days I’ll have one thing to do, and my first thought is, “oh man, I’m going to have to put on pants.”

Secondly, I am constantly struggling with slowing down and not feeling like I have to move for the sake of being moving. I want to feel productive, and I don’t want to admit that a day got away from me. I also get stuck looking at others that are super productive in a day and get a little jealous. I have to remind myself that even the most productive and active people have time to be still, in fact, that’s probably what makes them more productive in the long tern.

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