Writing Prompt 2.28.21

What TV show past or present do you wish your life was like?

The first show that comes to mind is Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. I would love to travel across the US and visit restaurants to sample local cuisine. I love the excitement that Guy Fieri brings to the show, and could easily see myself getting that excited to sample some of the best food out there. I love our local restaurants, and the thought of endlessly exploring around in search of great mom and pop places to eat sounds like heaven.

If we’re going with a fictional show, which is what I’m guessing what was actually meant by the question, I’d go with Seinfeld. Constant laughs, living on the Upper West Side, hanging out with a cast of characters that are always up for some kind of an adventure, or have fun doing ‘nothing’ sounds great.

Hat tip the to A Team universe as well. I like the idea of car chases and gun fights with everyone surviving, and the chance to get build things with Mr T would be awesome.

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