Writing Prompt 3.15.21

When you close your eyes what do you always daydream about?

I daydream about the boys growing up, us playing catch in the front yard, Stacy is sipping coffee on the front porch laughing at us goofing around while playing catch. 

Sometimes it’s all of us at the stadium enjoying a day game while the kids are skipping school. The boys are chasing after foul balls in the stands, trying to get autographs from players. We all point and shout when we make it on the jumbotron during the seventh inning stretch.

Other times, its us as a family, hiking in the middle of nowhere. Stacy and I are moving along the trail and the boys are climbing up and down rocks as we go.

Writing Prompt 3.1.21

What one invention do you find completely useless and why?

The treadmill. With a notable exception for rehab or physical therapy, the thought of walking inside on a track when the outdoors is literally right outside the door seems at the very least a little bit odd. People pay money and drive to gyms to go walk on a treadmill when they could walk outside for free? Ok. 

Writing Prompt 2.28.21

What TV show past or present do you wish your life was like?

The first show that comes to mind is Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. I would love to travel across the US and visit restaurants to sample local cuisine. I love the excitement that Guy Fieri brings to the show, and could easily see myself getting that excited to sample some of the best food out there. I love our local restaurants, and the thought of endlessly exploring around in search of great mom and pop places to eat sounds like heaven.

If we’re going with a fictional show, which is what I’m guessing what was actually meant by the question, I’d go with Seinfeld. Constant laughs, living on the Upper West Side, hanging out with a cast of characters that are always up for some kind of an adventure, or have fun doing ‘nothing’ sounds great.

Hat tip the to A Team universe as well. I like the idea of car chases and gun fights with everyone surviving, and the chance to get build things with Mr T would be awesome.

Writing Prompt 2.27.21

What song old or new do you think could have been written about you and why?

Intents and Purposes by Spraynard

So sometimes I write down every goal I have
To feel a little bit better about how I spend my time
But that list just keeps getting longer
And I’ve forgotten how to draw the lines

Slow me down
Show me what it’s like not to run around
Cause every day feels like I threw it away
And I don’t want that to be okay

Slow me down
(I’m sick of running)

This song resonates on several levels. First of all, I have on multiple occassions spent my time organizing my thought and to-do lists in an effort to feel productive. I have struggled with the need to feel productive for a while now, and some times it feels necessary to fake it so I can convince myself my day was not wasted. As the comedian Jim Gaffigan jokes, there are some days where I fly through my to do list and can accomplish like 40 tasks, and on other days I’ll have one thing to do, and my first thought is, “oh man, I’m going to have to put on pants.”

Secondly, I am constantly struggling with slowing down and not feeling like I have to move for the sake of being moving. I want to feel productive, and I don’t want to admit that a day got away from me. I also get stuck looking at others that are super productive in a day and get a little jealous. I have to remind myself that even the most productive and active people have time to be still, in fact, that’s probably what makes them more productive in the long tern.

Writing Prompt 2.18.21

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn but have been too afraid to try?

Surfing. Surfing is one of the most impressive, beautiful sports in the world. Everything about it seems like it would completely take over the soul. The beauty of the surroundings, the ability to harness the power of the ocean for fun, the never ending potential for a new and different ride; everything about surfing seems awesome.

I’ve tried to pick it up a few times, and have kind of, sort of stood up a few times, but I wouldn’t call what I’ve done surfing out of respect for those that do surf. My biggest obstacle is that I don’t swim well, so there’s some difficulty in getting out to the surf able waves. There’s only so much you can do in the shore break that comes with 5ft high water.

I didn’t learn to swim until I was 11, so that ability to get into the water comfortably has never been there for me. From 11-14 I did make huge strides into getting into the water, and picked up boogie boarding and body surfing, but we moved right around the time that I was ready to learn how to surf. Fast forward 10 years with little to no swimming and I’m back to where I started, not really comfortable in the water.

There’s a billion reasons and excuses I could come up with for not learning how, but the key word in the question is afraid. But who knows, that one day I decide to conquer my fear could come sooner than later. After all, I’m only 30 min away from the beach.