Ramblings 8.29.17

I’m not sure if this is the average age of the people on my Facebook feed getting older, or a commentary on our culture at large, but it seems like I’m seeing more and more “If I won the lottery I’d pay off my bills” posts. Evidently buying a yacht with a helicopter pad isn’t as cool as it used to be.

Our intern Scotty is non-stop basketball talk. With the Chargers off the radar for me, I’m thinking of picking up an NBA team. Probably the Thunder. It’d be nice to have a team in common with some of my OC friends. Although they did do to Seattle what the Chargers just did to SD. Maybe I’ll be a free agent fan.

While we were at lunch today we saw an accident at the intersection from across the street. From what we could tell, a man hit an elderly woman who was crossing the street. I was reminded of the quote from Mr Rodgers that reminded us to look for ‘the helpers’, those that come into a bad situation and help. It was also a great reminder that on any given day someone is having the worst day of their life.

Speaking of helpers, is there anything more refreshing on the news than seeing hundreds of people rushing towards Houston to help rescue people from the flood waters? I’ve got nothing but respect for folks like the ‘Cajun Navy’ and others who step into serve. Definitely has me asking what I can do to help.

Props to the guy on the news who responded to a reporter with, “ We lost everything, but God is good. So We’re thankful.”

Every year I pick a word to focus on with the youth ministry. My word is leadership. Our intern picked integrity. I think integrity and leadership are two principles that work phenomenally together, and I’m excited to see how that manifests over the course of the year. What a great one-two punch. What do you think of when those two words come up?

Little man is 11 months old today. 11. Wow. Time is already flying by. He’s crawling at nascar speeds, and should be walking soon. So far the toughest part of parenting is trying not to rush growing up, miss younger days, and focus on enjoying where he’s at now.

If you haven’t seen the movie Under an Arctic Sky, check it out. Surfing under the Aurora Borealis in Iceland. Nuff said.

At first I didn’t really get all of the hype for the eclipse, especially in a place so far off the path of total coverage. But props to everyone who took a minute and stared into the sky at one of the many marvel’s of God’s creation. After seeing a billion amazing photos aftwerwards, I definitely had a much better appreciation of the hype.

There’s a Facebook group up for my 20 year reunion next year. That can’t be right, 20 year reunions are for old guys haha.

I’m doing my best getting pumped for the football season, but it’s hard not having a team in my hometown anymore. I wish nothing but the best for the players, but the organization will not get another dime from me as long as LA is in their name. I’m going to do my best to hop into the 12’s crew for the Seahawks, but its difficult to root for a team from afar.

Me and Traaavs dropped the ball last week. We went to see one of our favorite punk bands, and saw the lead singer (a legend to both of us) walking down the street downtown and went and met him. Neither one of us thought to get a picture though. We were starstruck. Oh well, at least we shook hands with a legend. Bonus points for getting our pic with the lead singer of another band, and running into (and actually talking with) members of another great band.

Midway through trying to toddler-proof the condo last week I realized there was no way to complete that mission. Tabs on the drawers and cabinets will have to do.

The Babylon Bee is hands down the best satire site on the web. “Joel Osteen Sails Luxury Yacht Through Flooded Houston To Pass Out Copies Of ‘You Best Life Now’ ” might be one of their best headlines ever.

Our local coffee shop is like a real-life Babylon Bee article. It’s constantly filled with Pastors and Seminary students. It’s like all of these people have sought out a coffee shop to engage others and share their faith, and everybody here is already Christian.

More later.

One love, one heart.


Mona Lisa and the Art of the Important Walkers.

If you head out to any school gym, on any given night, and sit up in the bleachers you’ll see them. They’re trying to make it to their friends, their seats, or just out from the obvious attention they’re getting by walking in front of ‘literally everyone’. They move in increasingly rapid strides as they near the center of the action, desperately trying to move out of the way quickly, but not too quickly, because that’ll draw too much attention.

They’re important walkers.

It’s a phenomenon we’ve all seen, but can easily be overlooked. The other day I was at a basketball game and I noticed them again. They moved in a closely huddled group back from the snack bar to the comfort of their seats, which were near-their-parents, but not too near. I’m sure you’ve seen it as well, kids cutting across the gym floor, or the stands at a football game, the stage at rehearsal, no place is exempt.

As we grow older its easy to forget this phenomenon. Being equally thrilled and mortified at the rush of trying to get to your friends, or your seat as quickly as possible. With age comes perspective, and a desire to camp out, and to skip the snack bar. But to those kids mid jaunt- there’s something significant going on. Wether it’s getting out of the center of attention (there’s a great basketball game going on that everyone is here to watch but, oh no!everyoneisstaringatmeibettergettomyseatquickthisissoembarassingwhatkindofweirdotakesthslongtowalkinfrontofmypeoplewasthatmycrushlookingatmeibettersitdownlikerightnowgoodimherefinally) or simply being excited to see someone, the important walk serves as a clear reminder that perspective changes with age, maturity and perspective. For example, those important walkers hustling across the court today may be the important walkers in a few years taking a carefully calculated stroll to make sure that certain someone knows they are cool enough to walk to the snack bar with their own money.

Meanwhile over at the Louvre in Paris, thousands of people line up daily to see the Mona Lisa. If you haven’t seen the Mona Lisa, it’s a 30” x 17” painting of a lady who may or may not be smiling. Or, if you’re an art lover, It also happens to be considered a masterpiece painted by one of the greatest minds in history.

I’ve got friends who don’t ‘get’ the Mona Lisa. They know it exists, but they have no idea why it’s a big deal. They know it’s attached to an important part of history, and it’s image is used in a lot of places, but if you ask them to break down why it’s important, they struggle. On the other hand, you can sit down with many artists, or art aficionado’s and comb through volumes of thoughts how every slight gesture or change in hue secures the Mona Lisa’s status of masterpiece.

One of the things that I’ve learned from working with teens, is that there is an art form to understanding what is a big deal to others. We may see a teen crush that’ll blow over in a few weeks, but they may not be able to see anything but that crush. We may see the latest gadget that’ll be obsolete this time next year, but they see the item that consumes seemingly every conversation.

Recognizing what is a big deal in the life of others doesn’t stop at youth ministry though. Operating with perspective when dealing with others was one of the masterful strokes of Jesus’ ministry. If you’re the woman at the well, having a Rabbi acknowledge your presence with grace means the world. If you’re a leper who’s used to having others required to avoid you, being touched by a Rabbi is a life changing moment.

A few years ago my friend asked me why I like the Mona Lisa. She said she had tried to understand why that painting was such a big deal. I talked to her about composition, lighting, juxtaposition, the history of da Vinci and that mysterious look on the Mona Lisa’s face. We had a long discussion about art and she asked a ton of questions, letting me geek out on art along the way. The important thing is, she understood that it was a big deal to me. Even when she didn’t ‘get it’, there was never an attitude of dismissal, derogative language, or placating comfort. There was an authentic desire to understand something she knew others saw as important.

May we all seek Jesus’ perspective when it comes to recognizing what is a big deal in the lives of others. May we seek His grace when it comes to dealing with situations that are difficult for those who don’t have the life experience that comes with age. May we ask questions when we don’t understand, and listen well when someone struggles with an answer. And may we all chuckle a little bit and remember that we all have been an important walker at some point in time.

One love, one heart.

Catching up.

Hola blogworld!

So a few things have happened since my last post:

IMG_5792 IMG_5823I spoke for a few FCA groups at high schools around town

IMG_6277Helped plan Unify Escondido

IMG_6486Co-taught a class at The Pepperdine Bible Lectures

IMG_6249Heckled the Astros for letting go of Uncle Strech

IMG_6749Had an awesome birthday

580480_10200917381951089_1761214032_nRan another 5k

IMG_6990Moved out of the Sketchouse

472756_10151628055374309_929209495_oAnd started going out with my amazing girlfriend

Cool, glad we’re all caught up.

More blog posts to come soon.


One love, one heart.

Ramblings: Shampoo, Baseball, Christmas Decorating, The Setup and Bacon.


If you measured how long shampoo and/or body wash lasts, the halfway point would be approximately here:

old spice


Is it just me, or does anyone else see the Norv Turner getting fired, Lane Kiffin getting hired, the Chargers get a high draft pick and waste it on the Honey Badger, perfect storm shaping up?

perfect storm


My friends’ aunt tried selling her handmade greeting cards to family and guests all Thanksgiving day. I guess in the past she’s even set up a table in the living room.


The Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots just came out, and somehow Jeff Bagwell has missed it on his first two tries. I will forgive this egregious error if it allows for him to be inducted with another should-be HOFamer Craig Biggio.



So me and bigorangematty decided to put up the official Sketchouse Christmas tree up the other day, and started stringing lights up on it. Without planning, we ended up with this color combo of lights on our first three strands below. Any ideas for what we should do for a star on top?



Does anyone else feel that Daniel Day Lewis is exactly what you imagined Abraham Lincoln would be like?



Black Friday is starting to get on my nerves more every year. Aside from the whole commercialism aspect, the expectation of violence, and the fact that spending a grip of money is the exact opposite of savings, the effect it has on families is pretty significant. I’ve heard several stories from friends this year about the great lengths they’ve gone to spend quality time with family, only to have other family members leave Thanksgiving dinner early to go stand in line for hours to ‘save’ a few bucks. Every single one of them would rather have the family time over the present. And stores opening up on thanksgiving evening? Way over the line.

black friday


I was introduced to the binary scale of women a few weeks ago, and I have to say I’m a huge fan. It takes all of the pointless debate about how hot someone is on a scale of 1-10, and simplifies the conversation to an easy ‘would you go out with them’ yes (1) or no (0). Evidently, we were on to something passing notes in third grade.



Here’s the transcript from the beginning of a conversation I had with my friend bestbuy a couple weeks ago:
Me: Hola, it’s been a while. What’s the latest with you and the fam these days?
Bestbuy: Hey man, are you in a serious relationship right now? I mean, seeing anyone… I mean dating… I mean… I’m not sure how to do this.
Me: Are you trying to set me up with one of your friends?
Bestbuy: Yeah. I’m not sure how to do that.
Me: Let’s start with her name.
Bestbuy: do you know my friend Matt EnterLastName?
Me: Not interested.
Bestbuy: Huh?
Me: That’s not an answer that should start with a guys name.
Bestbuy: Gotcha. There’s a girl [Charlotte] that we all want you to hook up with. I mean go out with.
Me: Let’s go with option two.

The conversation may have started out a little rough, but fortunately her friend had sent him a biographical email including pics to fwd to me as coercion. It worked, she’s a solid 1, and we’ve been out several times in the past few weeks. Hopefully there’ll be more details on that later.


As much as I wanted Mike Trout to get the MVP this year, I’m stoked that Miguel Cabrera got the award. The Triple Crown is a rare classic in baseball, and Miggy’s winning is proof that traditional baseball values still apply. Besides, I have a feeling Trout’s going to have plenty of MVP trophies before he hangs up his cleats.


I’m not embarrassed to admit that I have copious amounts of cereal for dinner on a regular basis.



I’ve got friends in three bands that you should check out:
Serenade & Strum
Kingdom County



If you’re at an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet and they have a whole bin full of bacon how much do you out on your plate? One one hand, you don’t want to look like a pig (no pun intended), but on the other hand, it’s bacon.