Looking Forward.

[Post 3/3]

Last week we announced my transition from youth ministry into an Associate Pastor role at New Vintage Church. I’ve received a ton of great feedback, and plenty of questions about what exactly I’ll be doing from here on out.

The short answer is, whatever I can to help our church grow. 

I’m leaving that intentionally vague because one thing I have learned in my years of ministry is that we don’t always know the specifics of the trail, but that shouldn’t preclude us for climbing the mountain that God puts in front of us. 

One of the unique joys of ministry, is that we don’t always know what is in front of us. At least, we don’t know everything in front of us. There has always been a balance of the planned and unplanned, the routine and the extraordinary. As a person who regularly seeks adventure, but draws strength from a solid rock to jump off of, I couldn’t be more excited. 

Since day one at NVC, I’ve worked outside of youth ministry. At first it was out of necessity. We started with zero kids and I wanted to contribute to the team. As we have grown, I have always set aside some ministry horsepower for projects that don’t fall neatly into one area or another. I’ve done graphics, advertising, service projects, counseling, housekeeping, community relations, preached, organized events… the list goes on and on. My new role has a few tent pegs to give me a solid structure, and plenty of free space to engage whatever opportunities God brings our way.

My heart is drawn to helping every ministry at NVC creatively engage our community, and build the Kingdom. The developing plan is for me to take a few ministries under my mantle, develop them, hand them off, and repeat the process. 

I feel like God has allowed me to help build this amazing ship at NVC, and my next role will be helping it set sail on the open waters. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned so far, and use it to pour into the church that has given me so much. My hope has always been a lifetime in ministry, and being able to take this step is an answer to many prayers. 

On a personal level, I’m excited for the chance to push myself in new directions, to become a student of a broader nature, and build upon my foundation in ministry. It’s been a while since I’ve had to push myself this hard to learn, grow, humble myself, and lead. To say that I’m excited about that challenge is an understatement.

Thanks for showing interest in the journey, and thanks for all of the support so far. Seeing what God has done in my first 20 years of ministry has me confident that the next 20 years should be approached with eager anticipation.

One more analogy. A few years ago I heard Dallas Willard say, ”God’s grace is fuel for the soul, and the saint burns through God’s grace like a jet burns through fuel during takeoff”. I’ve always loved that quote, and I’m ready to burn through some fuel. 

Let’s go.

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