Passing The Baton.

[Post 1/3]

A few weeks ago at CIY, our summer camp, Jeff Walling who is a good friend to NVC, and one of my mentors pulled me, our associate youth Pastor Scotty Cowan, and one of our students on stage to help him with his sermon illustration. He had the four of us jog in place on stage like a track relay team, practicing passing the baton back and forth. Jeff asked us to be up there for 5 minutes, he kept us there for the whole 40 minute lesson. His sermon was about Elijah passing his role as a spiritual leader on to Elisha. It was a great sermon, and a great illustration that hit home on many levels. Elijah was a prophet for the people of Israel, but his time had come to transition on, and hand his ministry over to Elisha. It’s a great story, and my favorite part of the story is Elijah running alongside Elisha’s cart to help him get started.

It was a great sermon, and a great illustration that hit home on many levels.

A few years ago we asked Scotty Cowan to volunteer in the youth ministry. I knew him from some local youth events, and knew the reputation he had for his faith long before I knew the young man very well. It wasn’t long before we asked him to take the step up from volunteer to youth ministry intern. Over the past few years he has shown a great heart for ministry, so we asked him to increase his role and influence in the youth ministry and become associate pastor.

Because of this, the plan for the past few years has been that I would eventually transition into another role at NVC, and would pass the baton of Youth Pastor on to Scotty.

Yesterday was that day.

Scotty has shown himself to be a worthy leader, and we, the NVC staff, feel like this is a good time to make this transition. We are working diligently towards the move to our new building on Grand, and developing a deeper relationships with our community. Now is a great time to set pieces in play for the few years of opportunities that we feel God is bringing to NVC.

As of yesterday, Scotty has taken the helm of the youth ministry as Youth Pastor at New Vintage Church. My role will shift to Associate Pastor. I am excited for Scotty, I’m excited for the youth ministry, and I’m excited for me and my family. This opportunity will allow me to serve the church that I love in a broader capacity. I was part of the team that launched NVC, and have always had a ‘sleeves rolled up’ mentality when it comes to serving here. I am thrilled to further develop my role as pastor here, and look forward to helping a wider range of ministries grow and serve the Kingdom of God.

Me & Stacy and our boys are very thankful to call New Vintage home, and we are thankful for our time in youth ministry together. We are thankful for the way God has worked through youth ministry to bless our family. We are excited for the possibilities God may provide in this new role. God has blessed us beyond what we could have ever asked for, and we have the utmost confidence that He will continue to do the same as we switch gears in the way we serve His Kingdom.

I’m going to take a little while off from youth ministry events so that I can focus on my new role, and give Scotty room to develop as the leader. I will be continue to be a resource for Scotty as needed. My 20 years of youth ministry experience is at his disposal. And I will always champion youth ministry in our church, and our community.

I look forward to being a volunteer in the youth ministry. I’ve already told Scotty that if he ever gets stuck finding someone to stay in the jr boys cabin he knows who to call. More importantly, Stacy and I look forward to the day when our boys are in the youth ministry under Scotty’s lead.

Scotty, you have the baton. Run the race well.

One thought on “Passing The Baton.

  1. Prayers up for the transition. God is always doing things in our lives to call us. You and Scotty both have my prayers daily at 2pm.

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