The Proposal.

So here’s the proposal story that a few of our friends and family have asked for…

This past Saturday evening Stacy and I were supposed to meet up with a couple of friends for a double date. One of the friends was late coming down from Riverside, so we ended up having dinner, just the two of us. Throughout dinner we kept getting text messages with updates from both parties pushing back their arrival time, so we decided to head to our favorite coffee shop and grab some dessert and meet our friends there. Stacy was adamant that Kettle Coffee Shop was closed, but I persuaded her that we should head over there, just in case. I bet Stacy an eggnog latte that it was still open, loser had to buy. When we walked in, Stacy asked the barista Emily if they were still open, and she replied, “for you guys, absolutely”. After taking our order (and me paying despite winning the bet) Emily walked back to the kitchen. Stacy looked over at me for a second, and I couldn’t hold back. I’ve never been good at lying, especially to Stacy, and the adrenaline of proposing was too much to bear.

I told Stacy that our favorite little coffee shop wasn’t actually, open. I had asked them to let us in, because this was one of our first places that we went together in San Diego, and a place that we both love. It was the first of ’our’ places. And because it was a special place for both of us, I wanted to ask her something important there.

So I picked up a box that was hiding behind one of the displays, got down on one knee, said a few things that will probably stay between me and Stacy, and asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

My roommate had come out of kitchen to take a few pictures, and we looked at each other and smiled as the initial shock of ‘WE”RE ENGAGED!’ hit us. She called her parents, and they didn’t pick up. We called my mom who was too happy to actually get any words out, but the sound of her crying/laughing/making sounds was great to hear. Then, Stacy’s family, my sister, and several close friends (including the two we were ‘supposed to meet’ for dinner) walked through the door of Kettle. They had been hiding out down the street, eagerly awaiting my phone call that ‘the falcon had landed’ (thanks to Spivey for that one). We celebrated and spent some time with dear family and friends.

Earlier that week I had contacted the owners of Kettle Coffee shop and had asked them for a favor in helping me propose. They were gracious enough to send one of their employees out on a Saturday night to open up the shop for me and a few friends for a while. The plan was for Stacy’s family to come down and surprise her afterwards, along with a few of our friends. I texted everyone earlier in the week to be at Plan 9 Alehouse by 730, Stacy and I would be at Kettle around 745. Matt would get to the coffee shop early and set up in the back.

The night before we had our annual Merry Christmas Madness event with the Youth Ministry, which was the perfect disguise to camouflage a lot of texts and phone calls making sure everything was in place. Saturday afternoon we went to a play featuring several kids from church, and were supposed to go see the latest Hunger Games movie. Yes, I was intentionally trying to fill the day with things where we would be together, but didn’t have to talk much. It took a lot to keep my excitement in check. Despite that, it was a pretty mellow, somewhat typical Saturday. Later, we got ready for our supposed date with two friends. They did a great job of convincing Stacy they were consistently just a ‘few’ minutes out. Stacy was getting texts from her, and had no idea I wasn’t texting him. Instead I was texting her, my sister getting all of our friends together, Emily the barista, and Matt with updates on the plan.

All of the work was worth it though. Stacy was surprised, we got to celebrate with friends, and most importantly, she said YES!

In the days since, we’ve had a great time sharing the big news. We’ve been overwhelmed by the congratulations via social media, at church on Sunday, and the flood of texts and phone calls.

People have asked me if I was nervous, and in truth, I was so excited I could hardly sit still all night. Our first date was Friday, March 22nd of 2013, and I opened up a savings account for a ring on Monday, March 25th. I’ve been waiting to ask Stacy that question for a long time.

As of now, we’re going to wait until the holidays are over before we get started on planning the wedding, but we are very excited and blessed to have so many people that are eager to be a part of our little love story. I thank God every day for the people in my life. For Stacy, for our families, our friends that have been a great source of encouragement over the past couple of years, those that are willing to help me pull off a great proposal, and those that knew all long, I thank you.

Here’s a few pics from the night.

One love, one heart.

proposal 1

proposal 2

proposal 3

engaged 1



engagement crew


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

3 thoughts on “The Proposal.”

  1. Congratulations, love the play by play! You know my recommendations for getting hitched right? Go for it, then have a great big community party a few months later with fancy clothes and food. Enjoy this time! It is an amazing time. Blessings!

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