Ramblings: Trout, Snobbery, Politics, Running and Chewbacca.

So this morning our church website went down, which caused me to look at my website, which made me realize that none of my scheduled posts had gone up. Whoops. 0 points for me on web diligence. Anyways, here’s some recent ramblings with plenty more to come.

Replacement refs.
Yikes. What a disaster. Churches should take note: what might seem like a minor personnel issue can really derail the overall experience at your church. Sunday is coming, are the people leading ready to do so, or are we willing to settle for ‘adequate’?

Mike Trout is the most clear cut for MVP in years. My favorite stat to back this up is his WAR (wins above replacement). His WAR is 10.0 as of today, which means his team has won 10 more games than if the next available player had been starting. That’s unreal. The next best are Robinson Cano at 6.3 and Andrew McCutcheon at 6.2. Miguel Cabrera is the other guy getting MVP talk, and his current WAR is 5.7. That’s solid, but it’s not up there with Trout. Oh yeah, Mike Trout is a 21 year old rookie, and he made this catch:


Gallery snob.

This weekend a gallery downtown opened a new show featuring a couple paintings from my favorite painter, Josh Dildine. Overall it’s a great show and if you’re in downtown SD anytime this month check out the White Box Contemporary gallery on 7th. Aside from the great art, I got to cross off gallery snob on my UnBucket List when I had several people ask my opinion about a few pieces, and look thoroughly overwhelmed at my response. I even played a little game, waiting to see how long it would take for someone to approach me after I assumed the official gallery snob stance (arms crossed, head slightly tilted, hand on chin with a pondering squint). The last two came in at under 30 seconds. Art nerd status: Gallery level.

I think I would be much more likely to follow politics if there were at least a 90% reduction of talking heads and ‘analysts’ on tv. Seriously, that’s what blogging is for. At least online you can read one opinion at a time. I can’t remember the last time I saw any kind of civil discourse about politics on any of the legitimate news sources.

Late night jams.
When the schedule gets a little crazy I tend to head out on night drives for some peace and sanity. Usually, I pick an album and drive until I’ve listened to the whole thing. Here are a few of the albums on the most recent night drive playlist:
Pearl Jam / No Code
Jimmy Eat World / Clarity
Tribe Called Quest / Midnight Marauders
Radiohead / In Rainbows
Angels & Airwaves / Love pt2

What albums are on your late night drive playlist?

Couch to 5k.
After feeling like a slug for the 5k part of the Color Me Rad 5k, I’ve been doing pretty good with keeping a regular running schedule. As of now I’m doing three runs a week on the Couch25k app, which is interval training, and one un-timed see how far you can go before you pass out run per week. I hate to say it, but I think the difference this time is around comes from investing in a decent pair of shoes. There’s something about spending a grip of money on decent shoes that provides a good motivator to run. And my legs actually feel good running now. It’s either the shoes, or seeing thousands of hotties at Color Me Rad, but something’s got me running.

And lastly, Chewbacca with a surfboard and sunglasses:



Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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