Ramblings: “Enough about racing, this show is about sports.”

Props to Rob Riggle for that quote from the 2012 ESPYs.

Self Promotion.

I wanted to give a quick thanks for all the positive feedback about the Single Life: Worst Date posts. It’s fun going back and putting those little mishaps on the screen, and hopefully they’ve been a source of entertainment/encouragement for you as well. I’ve got a few more Single Life posts lined up: Worst Break Up Lines, Good Luck Chuck, and You Two Are Both Single You Should Go Out: Matchmakers at Church Edition. Those are scheduled to post over the next month or so. If you’ve got any other Single Life post ideas go ahead and leave them in the comment section. I’d love to hear what all both of my readers are thinking.


I nabbed this one from @HaleyVeturis, a social media guru from Saddleback:

“Integrity is more important than popularity”

That’s one of the toughest battles I face as a youth minister. There is always a constant struggle to maintain the balance of being popular, or to use the more common phrase ‘relevant’, and sticking to your guns. The best youth ministers I know are the guys that become popular because they continually conduct themselves with the highest integrity. That’s one of those things I pray for constantly, God give me the strength to always do the right thing, especially when that choice is not very comfortable or popular.

Mi hermana.

My sister is officially a Californian again, and I couldn’t be more stoked. Over the past few years I’ve come to love the phrase, “I love my friends like family” quite often, but there’s not substitute for actual family. I felt bad for her because I knew the transition was tough with her leaving so many good friends and memories behind, and having spending the better part of her first day in San Diego at the DMV. Then we went to the beach Friday afternoon, and she went again all day Saturday, followed by a birthday party for the 8year old daughter of one of her best friends. So yeah, I’d say that’s a great way to get over the moving blues.


Speaking of the DMV. If you ever want to see a crowd of people become simultaneously miserable, frustrated, and overcome with jealousy in an instant, bring your sister a chicken burrito while she’s at the DMV. For maximum effect come in around 12:45 so that you know everyone is hungry after waiting for a few hours.

Home Run Derby.

I had Trumbo as the dark horse winning the derby this year, but was pretty impressed by the world’s largest vegetarian, Prince Fielder, taking home the crown. I was not a fan of the KC fans booing Cano for not picking Billy ‘Country Breakfast’ Butler for the home run derby. I get it, home town fans, everyone hates the yankees, etc… whatever. The guy is tied for 16th in the AL home runs standings. I like Butler just as much as the next guy (he’s been awesome on my fantasy baseball team) but this isn’t the Doubles Derby competition. Also, if you are going to rag on a player that’s fine, but fans harassing Cano’s family while in the bathroom is a bit much. Keep it classy KC.


Speaking of home runs, check out this blast from my favorite Padre, Cameron Maybin:

Also, you can follow Cameron Maybin on twitter here.


Last baseball post, I promise. I couldn’t be more excited about the potential of the O’Malley group buying the Padres. Worst to first in 2014, and you can guarantee I’ll be at those postseason games.


The other night we decided to cut one of our biggest NVC Youth Events short because one of our college volunteers lost her father. As I was driving to her house with one of our students I was reminded that on any given day, at any given moment, someone is probably having the worst moment of their life, while another may be having their greatest. One of the blessings that comes from being a part of so many different people’s stories is a unique perspective on the continuity of God. He is the same God that is comforting those who mourn while others are praising His name for the gifts He has given. For me, it’s a great reminder that God’s story is so much bigger than mine.


Check out the latest from one of my favorite artists, Josh Dildine.

One love, one heart.


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I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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