I was born a rambling man…

When I get home I change into my ‘around the house’ hoodie and my comfy shoes. I’m like a modern day Mr. Rogers. Except I don’t talk to puppets.

Speaking of puppets, I’m actually pretty excited about the new Muppet movie coming out. Not nearly as excited as mi hermana, and def not as excited as mi madre who teared up a little bit when I said we should all go see it together on Thanksgiving Day.

My sister has turned into quite the blogger. I’ve always felt like she was one of the best storytellers I know, and now I have proof. Be sure to check out highfiverson.

Whenever I eat a bowl of Cheerios I laugh when I think about how mi hermana used to call them ‘Cho’s’ when she was little.

Speaking of Cheerios, whenever you’re pouring milk on your cereal don’t leave an 1/8th of an inch left in the container. Pour it on your cereal, or chug it. Even pouring it down the drain is less frustrating then opening up the fridge and finding an 1/8th of an inch of milk that is good for absolutely nothing.

One more cereal thought; I met someone who pours their milk in before their cereal. This is probably the same kid that used to run from home to third base in little league.

The apartments across from the sketch house have been cleared out. All of the windows are empty and as of this morning all of the doors are open. If anyone wants to shoot a post-apocalyptic movie I know a good spot. I wonder what’s going on there? Maybe they’re putting in an Anthropologie.

My truck is officially dead. If anyone wants a 98 Tahoe with shady suspension, a broken master brake cylinder, sketchy fuel injection and a thrown rod let me know. Taking all offers.

Speaking of taking all offers, climbing up to number 3 on my all time favorite ‘we’re not going out anymore’ quotes is this doozy from this weekend; “I have tunnel vision right now, and you’re not in it.”

Saw Thrice this past weekend. They get better with every show. I even got sucked into the pit during a couple of songs and had to come out of retirement to do a few laps. Needless to say I am still charged up, and kind of sore.

If you’re too cheap to buy the latest Thrice album; Major/Minor it’s also available streaming on Facebook here.

There should be a term for that moment of panic when you double check to make sure you didn’t hit ‘reply all’ on an email.

Michael Moore addressed an occupy wall street crowd in Denver last week and gave a rousing ‘anti-corporate greed’ speech to the delight of the crowd. He then went to a bookstore as part of the promotional tour of his $27 memoir.

I’ve been expanding my graphic design empire slowly but surely as of late. One of my least favorite things to hear is, “can you make this look a little more coffee-shoppy?’.

If there’s anything to learn from this whole Penn-State scandal, is that Jesus knew what He was talking about when He said, “what is done in the dark will come to the light.” The only thing stupider than thinking that you will never get caught is committing the crime in the first place. Leaders beware, your empire is one scandal away from crumbling. If you are in the midst of something that is illegal, morally or ethically wrong, or just stupid stop now. Confess.

I know this isn’t timely at all, but I just got around to watching the movie Invictus. Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela may be the best/ most obvious casting call of all time. If you’re in the need for a great movie I suggest checking it out.

If there has been a theme song for my life lately it has been ‘Lean on Me’. There have been a lot of rough spots lately and it seems like every time I’m up against some kind of wall a friend or family member steps up to save the day. It’s a huge blessing to know that you are surrounded by so many generous people. Thank God for friends and family.

I’m all for innovative design, but baseball is a different story. I like the classics. The Padres scored huge points with me with their updated logo: and the Miami (great name change – alliterations in sports are awesome) Marlins get the major fail for this shot at a logo. Yikes.

The Packers have a great shot at going undefeated this season. Watch out for a hungry Raiders or Bears team in the next month and the Packers are in the clear. I’m going with ‘believe the hype’ when it comes to Aaron Rodgers this season.

One love, one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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