A Mighty Wind.

I’ve been involved in youth ministry for the better part of a decade, and last night something happened that I have never experienced. We were wrapping up our small group discussion, I was trying to tie together a few ideas we had discussed, I paused for a second to make sure I had everyone’s attention, when one of the kids let out a nice loud fart. It was awesome. In a great case of futility, i tried to finish the discussion, but it was to no avail. None of us could hold back the laughter. Every attempt to start up again just led to more laughter, because let’s face it, farts are funny. Farts during church events are even funnier. Perfectly timed farts delivered in a moment of silence are possibly the funniest thing possible. I hope I never get too old to appreciate a well placed fart, especially during church.

The crazy thing is that fart may be exactly what our youth ministry needed. As a relatively new ministry we are still creating a strong group dynamic, and that laughter last night was one of the first times I’ve seen all of that particular group really unified. It was one of the first times I’ve seen the entire group hanging out after our event by choice. We were all still laughing. And it was  great reminder to me that as much as I like to plan and push, sometimes the most powerful moments in ministry come from the least likely occurrences. Who knows, that may go down as being the moment that defined our ministry. I can only pray.

One love, one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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