A Tale of Two Crimes.

Last night someone smashed my truck window and stole my iPod and some cash out of my center console. Needless to say I was pretty upset. As nice as the people are here, I am not exactly stoked to be writing this from the autoglass repair shop.


I’m not really upset at the stolen iPod, or the busted glass though(although it was pretty cold driving home last night). What has me peeved is the motivation behind the break in. What line of thinking gets you to a place where smashing a window in broad daylight is a viable option? Why would someone willingly destroy someone else’s property?


Jealousy? Desperation? Greed? Envy? Plain old stupidity?


The crazy thing is the break-in occurred about 18 hours after  another crime. At about 1230 am yesterday morning I was victim to another common crime; my house got toilet papered. I was in bed reading when I heard voices and whispers outside. I grabbed my Kappa paddle (the best bet in home security) from under my bed to check things out and woke up my roommate just in case it was something serious. I peeked out of the window to see the silhouettes of a bunch of my kids running through my yard. It was easy to spot their outlines against all of the white. I snuck out the back door and started running after them, paddle in hand. I caught up with them as they were getting back in the cars across the street, just in time to see the faces of the perpetrators of this heinous crime:


The girls from the youth group sleepover!


I laughed and waited for them to come back (because they always come back) looking for another opportunity to see some faces. Sure enough they came back to take some pictures and I ran out again to the screams of freshmen girls.


I texted the drivers and asked them to come back and clean up the mess. There was way too much to clean up on my own, and it was sprinkling. I wasn’t going to wait till morning. I may have also leveraged the threat of parent phone calls at 130am to persuade them to clean up, that part is kind of blurry. As a youth minister, I reserve that right.


As the girls were starting to clean up two police cars swooped in. The girls froze and I kind of chuckled. (Paddle in hand) I walked up to the officers and explained that the girls from my youth ministry had rolled the house, and they were cleaning it up. They said someone had reported a man chasing a car with a bat (I slowly moved the paddle in hand behind me) and I assured them that everything was okay.


So we laughed for a while, I gave them advice on how to roll houses without getting caught (and reminded them that I am typically still awake at 1230) and they picked up the mess.


What line of thinking gets you to a place where toilet papering the youth minister’s house late at night is a viable option? For this answer I had to look no further than my yard, with a giant KYAL (Know You Are Loved) spelled out very carefully in toilet paper across my lawn.


With all of the things these young ladies could be doing, they are spending a summer night together having fun with their youth minister. Newer girls are getting to go on an adventure with girls that are already plugged in.


I wish everyone’s first encounter with the police involved their youth minister.


And lastly, the whole reason the sleepover took place was because one of our young ladies from the college group decided to have the girls over after spending a week as their camp counselor. I consider others taking the initiative to be involved with our girls on such a momentous occasion a huge success for our ministry. These girls will always have a great story to tell about toilet papering their youth minister’s house, getting busted and having the police show up.


To the person(s) who shattered my window, I’m sorry that you committed that crime. I pray that it eats at your conscience for a while because it was wrong. When you do get caught, I hope that the Lord speaks very clearly to your heart.


To the AXiOM girls that rolled my house, thank you for making me feel so very blessed. I look forward to years of laughing together, and will hold the memory of chasing after a car hearing, “we love you dj!” very close to my heart.


And you did a phenomenal job on the house!

One love, one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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