“Everything is meaningless.” – A. Moron

hola blogworld!


It’s good to be back. I’ve been taking a purposeful break from blogging this past few weeks and focusing on reading what others are putting out there. It’s been a great change of pace for me, and I certainly feel like I am being filled up after a big season of pouring out. I’d like to give a big shout out to the guys that take the time (and have discipline) to put something out there for the world to read on a consistent basis. Be sure to check out mylinks page to see who I like to read.



I bought a Wii fit last week and am loving it. I’m down 7 lb. from my first day and am feeling great. I’m focusing a lot more on cardio and toning this time around, as opposed to the strength training I’ve done in previous rounds. I’ve also made a big cut on sodas and late night snacking this time around. I’m already noticing changes in my sleeping and overall energy. I’m not sure what happened that spurred me on this time, except that I want to feel good. That’s a big change for me Every other time I’ve started a significant workout routine there has been an outside motivator, whether I want to admit it or not.


As for the Wii, I’m a huge fan. Some of the exercises seem goofy (I definitely do the Bird’s Bulls-eye with the curtains closed) but they definitely kick butt. I’ve done about 20-30 min every morning, and doubled up on day’s off and have been sore every day. Oh yeah, and I’m learning yoga. File that under things I never thought I would say.


On the spiritual side, I think there is a big connection to mind, body, and spirit all working together. I can’t speak definitively on this yet, but the more time I spend taking care of myself physically, the more I feel motivated to spend time with God. It’s almost like the sludge that has settled in my body brings with it spiritual apathy. The more that sludge is exercised out the better. Also, it’s hard not to ask questions about gluttony on a spiritual level when you’re physically looking down at twenty or so extra pounds.




On monday I got to participate in the grandest of American traditions; Opening Day. Me and a few of the guys from church headed out early to grab a big lunch, walk around downtown and catch the Pads afternoon home opener. It was a little cool and cloudy, but great weather to be out and about. We had great seats 10 rows up on the first base side, and a phenomenal view of Petco Park. There were a lot of highlights from the day; hanging out with some great friends, enjoying the weather, watching the Pads work the Braves for 10 runs in the 4th inning. But my favorite moment was the singing the national anthem. I’m a big fan of public displays of patriotism, and the beginning of a baseball game has to be my favorite stage for that. As soon as Colbie Callet started singing the anthem in her cool acoustic surf style the sky started to pour. It got kind of grey for a second, and I felt bad for her and the hundreds of sailors standing on the field. As the song was winding down the skies cleared just in time a flyover from our local F-18 squadron… right as she was singing ‘land of the free’. There are very few things that give me goosebumps like those moments. I smiled, thanked God for a lot of things and took some time to soak in the moment. Then I watched the Padres kick butt.


Sidenotes: Does anyone else see the irony in the Padres playing the Braves? This rivalry goes back a few hundred years.

Also, anyone think there’s irony in a local Indian Chief singing ‘God Bless America’?




A quick note about our Easter service here at NC3. I’ve never been part of a team that puts that much effort into one service. We rented out the Center for the Arts and had one combined service in English, and one in Spanish. We also had a children’s worship time, with a big Easter egg hunt afterwards. All in all we had around 1400 people involved. I don’t usually get caught up in numbers, but I was excited on this Sunday because we had put so much effort into that day. I’d like to say that it’s a Sunday like any other, but in reality it is a day that a lot of people choose to connect or reconnect with God. Around here, we talked a lot about our motivation behind putting so much effort into one day, and it always came back to this; we are constantly being called to seek out the lost. But for this one day the lost are seeking us out. This means it’s time for us to put our best foot forward in an effort to help others know the truth about our loving God. For my part, I helped design the concept and put together the stage with a great team of creative people.



One Day Without Shoes.

I’m kind of a shoe fiend, so I was feeling a little awkward about joining in on ADWS, sponsored by Tom’s shoes. Several students asked me to participate, and I said yes. Here are some of my thoughts from that day:


I wonder how many kids in the world have never owned their own pair of shoes?


I don’t own a pair of Tom’s. I like the idea, but they are pretty expensive for what you get. That, and Tom’s weren’t made for big guys. But if sacrificing my feet for a day means at the very least I am in community with my kids then I will absolutely join in on the fun.


It seems like there was a generation or two that got burned out on causes. I blame the hippies. One of the things I really admire about my students is how eager they are to participate in causes on a global level. They are so aware of the impact they can make on the world, and they have a tendency to think globally on so many levels. I appreciate what they do to make a difference.


The only negative comment I got all day was that I should probably wear something on my feet for the preacher’s lunch we were hosting that day. I’ll leave that one alone.


It was fun seeing other people walking around barefoot. I went to a coffee shop to work on summer camp details and got a lot of smiles from fellow shoeless Joe’s. I wonder if the Tom’s folks know how far reaching their day was.


At first my feet were pretty sensitive to the ground I was treading on. But by the end of the day my feet were a dirty, toughened mess. I think that’s how we are spiritually speaking sometimes. We tread through dirt all day and it makes us tough. Good or bad, we become calloused.


I thought more about the kids without shoes the next day when I slipped my feet into my uber comfy sandals.




Is no way to go through life. “Everything is meaningless” is a copout for apathy when things don’t go your way. Also, our lives are too complicated and intertwined to say that something we do doesn’t matter. Dear existentialists, get over yourselves.



I’m thinking about launching a campaign titled ‘You Are Creative’ to help people get over their shortcomings. Some of the most creative people I know have never touched a brush or held a pen to canvas. It’s so easy to get locked into a narrow view of what it means to be creative. Break free and create something!




My favorite word as of late. Typically followed by, ”I just can’t do it right now”. Why haven’t I been focused on this sooner?




I’m feeling the need to head overseas this fall. Right now Japan is at the top of the list. Other places I’ve looked at are: Iceland, Morocco, and as of yesterday, Italy. We’ll see.


One love one heart.




What the Dog Saw / Malcolm Gladwell



Out of Nowhere / Hepcat

One Step Beyond / Madness

Manners / Passion Pit


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19402/22812 rated.


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I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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