“Just relax and let your mind go blank. That shouldn’t be too hard for you.” – Avatar

hola blogworld. it’s been a while. so what’s new?


We got our family pics back and I have to say, we look a lot cooler than we really are. Either way, I’m pretty stoked about how they turned out. If you’re in the San Diego area and you need some pics, give my boy andy a call. Here are a few more of my faves:


With football season about to come to an end, we are rapidly approaching the time of year I like to refer to as ‘lent’.  It’s the time of year in between football and baseball season where I give up espn for the most part. I typically check back in during spring training and March Madness (just in time to stock up on bracketology info). With nothing but basketball and hockey highlights on, it really is a good time to take a break from sports on TV. This year I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the past year of television that I missed. Heroes, Lost, Chuck and 24 are all on the que ready to be viewed. Oh yeah, and I’ve decided to be really stoked about the Winter Olympics this year, especially Nordic Jumping. I don’t really know why, I just decided it would be fun to actually care about the Olympics for once.


peace be the journey.

Speaking of the Olympics, are there any other movies about the Winter Games besides Miracle and Cool Runnings? Besides Cutting Edge? I’d like to see a movie about the skeleton event at the very least. And a movie about curling has Will Ferrel written all over it. Oh yeah… Blades of Glory.



Speaking of movies, I saw Avatar last week. In case you haven’t heard of it, Avatar is a retelling of Disney’s Pocahontas… a 3D retelling. Oooooh shiny! Actually, here are my legitimate beefs:

1. Unobtanium. Why would you spend the GDP of a small country on effects and overlook details like spending some time on a creative name for one of the major details of the movie? Seriously? Unobtanium?

2. Worshiping the planet. I’ve taken a pretty hard line stance against over-environmentalism before, and don’t plan on changing that view anytime soon. I understand taking care of our natural resources, and using what we have been given wisely. That’s actually very Biblical. However, Avatar crosses that line into worshipping the creation over the creator. Not only does that kind of teaching miss the point, but it’s treading deeply into blasphemous territory.

3. A big deal. I’ve taken some flack for that last comment, with a lot of folks saying I shouldn’t take the movie so seriously, that I should just sit back and enjoy the amazing visuals. I did enjoy the visuals. But, if a studio/ director is going to invest this much money and hype into how groundbreaking the movie is going to be, then the story should hold up as well. The last movie that had this kind of groundbreaking technological advances was The Matrix. The visual elements of that movie were impressive, but the story was mind-bending as well. Really mind-bending. The idea is, don’t waste groundbreaking technology on a story that was pieced together from cliches. Here’s a story idea; instead of the humans drilling for unobtainium (chuckle) for profit, what if the survival of the human race depending on them finding unobtainium? (chuckle) Now we have the survival of one race pitted against the religious beliefs of another.

4. Acting. The bad guy. Nuff said. It’s not bad when the Governator is playing a robot, it’s called method acting. The smart parts of the Terminator movies were the comic relief moments, so that we knew the movie wasn’t taking itself too seriously. This is why I can watch Bill and Ted’s over and over. Or Predator. Avatar; no jokes. Just one worship-earth, industry-evil moment after another.

5. Irony. The most technologically advanced movie of all time preaching (yes, I said preaching) that technology is bad. oops. Oh yeah, and Avatar posters.



I’m not one for proper grammar, but conversations like this one I saw a few weeks ago are starting to bother me:


person a: “your an idiot!”

person b: “you are to.”


Well that’s all I’ve got for this little rant. More to come soon!


One love, one heart!



Why We Suck / Dr. Denis Leary

The Tipping Point / Malcolm Gladwell

Simply Christian / N.T. Wright



Greatest Hits / Neil Young

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers / Wu Tang Clan

Acoustic / Bayside

Hello Hurricane / Switchfoot



Heroes Season 3

Lost Season 5


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I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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