Blogweek Day 5

So last night I wrote about my excitement for our SoCal Youth Ministry Mafia meeting today. Today I am sore from laughter. I’m not sure how much this will translate outside of our meeting, but today we started talking about the idea of youth ministry merit badges, like they have in the boy scouts. I’ve never met a youth minister short of good stories. Some of the merit badges are for surviving tough things, some are for doing stupid things, some are just random, and some just can’t be explained. Needless to say it’s a fun list. So here is the (edited) list of merit badges from some ym with a collective warped sense of humor:

-crashed the youth bus/van

-hired a former student as an intern

-survived kite tubing

-3 hour ‘lunch’

-clog church toilet

-spend ‘vacation’ at camp

-prep class less than 30 minutes prior

-gain 20 lbs

-left kid behind

-made kid cry

-made kid cry twice

-convicted felon in youth group

-recycled college recommendations

-broken down youth van during event

-unknowingly show inappropriate movie at youth event

-make kid barf

-wrong directions to parents

-yelled at by elders

-yelled at by janitor

-slept during staff meeting

-discontinue lock ins

-kids making out at lock in

-”it’s for the kids” purchase

-go overbudget

-get budget cut

-get denied for a raise

-stabbed a kid

-foreign object in eye

-pillow fight injury

-kid broken bone

-lost receipts

-spend all afternoon searching for new fonts

-anagram event names

One love, one heart.


Messengers / August Burns Red

Ten [remixed] / Pearl Jam




Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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