Shipping Up to Boston.

hola blogworld.


Last week I took a much needed break from my crazy life here in SD, to go visit mi hermana in Boston. People always ask me ‘what are you going to do?’ when I head out on vacation, and the answer, typically, is nothing. That is the whole point of vacation, to do something that you can’t do at home. Now I did manage to sneak a Yankee game, and a Sox game into the visit, but I am proud to say that I went on vacation with a plan to do nothing. Make no mistake, I managed to get out and about some, but as far as accomplishing goals and filling up my schedule… yeah that got completely left behind.


Needless to say it was an awesome trip back east.


Last monday my sister and I made the trek down from Boston to NYC to catch a game at the new Yankee stadium. we got into manhattan just in time to meet up with uncle muzzy in little italy for some great pasta beforehand, and then battled subway traffic to the bronx to catch the greatest team in baseball.


(From the opening shot of every movie about NYC.)


The new Yankee stadium is amazing. They’ve managed to keep so many of the elements that made the old stadium a classic while creating a very sophisticated modern venue. The wide hallway that encompasses the stadium is a great addition, as well as open views from around the field level while you are walking around. We had tickets in the mid level seats just off of home plate (thank you craigslist). What made the seats even better was they were wheelchair accessible seats, which meant we weren’t in the middle of an aisle, and we didn’t have anyone in front or behind us. I know that takes away from some of the overall experience, but we managed to have a blast just fine. Next time I go though, it’s bleacher seats with the diehards!


As for the game itself, we couldn’t have picked a better one to go to. Joba pitched, Jeter made a diving grab, Texiera hit a homer, Rivera got the save and my sister and I got to join in on our new favorite baseball chant, ‘Hip Hip, JORGE!’ every time Posada came up to bat.


And I made it through the night with no less than a dozen, ‘ you look like Joba Chamberlin’ comments.



The next night in Boston we picked up some tix for the Sox game (once again, thank you craigslist) and had a great time as well. Fenway is barely bigger than some minor league stadiums, but you would be hard pressed to find a city that loves its team more than Boston. Like most of the town, the stadium is old, and feels old. There are times where you wonder if you have stepped back in time. I half expected to hear, ‘now batting… Ted Williams’ come over the PA. But it really is a great place to catch a game, and I found myself getting caught up in the overwhelming excitement the fans have there. (In no way shape or form am I now, or ever will be a Red Sox fan, but it is a fun place to visit.) We saw a lot of the things you hope to see there, Padroia made a few good plays, there were a couple of doubles off of the Green Monster and Papelbon came in to close the night out. Oh yeah, and I got to sing Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ with a bunch of crazy Sox fans.

Mi hermana lives a couple of blocks away from the stadium, and every night, starting a couple of hours before game time, the whole Fenway area is inundated with diehard fans. You would think that 90,000 people go to every game, but most end up at a pub watching the game, just happy to be in the area. (Travel tip, skip any trains that stop at Kenmore if you aren’t heading to the Sox game.) It was awesome being able to walk to Fenway in about five minutes, and I could not be more proud of mi hermana for finding a place so close.

There are many reasons I love mi hermana, and am very proud of her. her choice to live in that kind of proximity to a classic ball park is very near the top of the list. I would also recommend any baseball fans making Fenway a priority stop for a game. Then head down to NYC.


Other random thoughts from my trip…


The Harvard area was fun to visit, but the folks there seemed a little pretentious. I, of course battled this by asking people, ‘where on campus did they film Legally Blonde 1?’ I made quite a few people upset with this question, but I also made a few friends at one of the local coffee shops.


Riding the train everywhere is a great novelty, but it made me really appreciate driving. I do give Boston props for the T running everywhere I needed to go.


Bostonians swear. A lot. All of the time.


Boston has a lot of parks spread throughout the city. A major plus for someone looking for a quiet place to chill.

If nothing else, Boston gets major props for adopting Dropkick Murphys as the band of the city. Watching Sox fans you and old rock out to DM was a blast.


The lady next to me on the flight from San Diego to NYC threw up. Fortunately she made it to the lavatory to do this. Unfortunately she did not have a toothbrush or mouthwash on the plane.


Do we call bathrooms ‘lavatories’ anywhere else but on planes? I’m thinking about putting a lavatory sign on my bathroom door.


Well, that’s all I’ve got tonight. Have a wicked good night.

(From the opening shot of every movie about Boston.)


One love, One heart.


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I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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