Playing in Pinstripes.


One of the things that I am becoming increasingly excited about is the team that I work with at NC3. I’ve always been able to play well with others, but have never really thought much about actually functioning as a a team member. Let me put it this way, if I were a baseball player, I’ve always focused on playing my position well, but never really understood how my playing my position affects the rest of the team. That is changing rapidly.


A few weeks ago the entire staff went out to lunch and I was looking around the table at how everyone interacted with each other. It’s interesting to watch a group of people with such a broad range of interests and talents can come together and work for the Lord. Something else I noticed was how skilled each person is in their particular role, and I started going through our staff lineup wondering who would play what position if we were to describe ourselves as a baseball team. So here’s our starting lineup at NC3:


Pitcher: Senior Minister. When it’s his time to take the mound he delivers the heat, and when he’s not on the mound he’s getting the legwork done to prep for his next start.


Catcher: Worship Minister. He helps call the games and works very closely with our pitcher to map out a game plan. He also has a different perspective than the rest of the team members.


First: Executive Minister. He receives a majority of the stuff thrown his way from the infield, sometimes having to stretch a bit. He’s also a heavy hitter with the bat when it comes his time to step up to the plate.


Second: Jr High/Childrens Minister. Working with the shortstop to field all of the hits up the middle, the second baseman is versatile and reliable, able to make plays that no one else can.


Shortstop: Sr High Minister. Working with the second baseman to patrol the middle, the shortstop has to be able to change directions and still make the play.


Third Base: Small Groups Minister. At the hot corner, he has to have a great arm and be willing to charge in when necessary. Also a slugger at the plate.


Right Field: Spanish Minister. With a great glove and a solid arm, the right fielder is a guy who is willing to chase a ball into the stands when necessary.


Center Field: Spanish Minister. With the greatest area to cover, the center fielder is typically the first to get dirty laying out for a ball, and the guy consistently making the spectacular plays.


Left Field: Secretaries. Consistently fielding everything that comes to/from left field.


DH: Family Counselor. The most specialized player on the field, his job is to produce big hits. This is not the guy you bring in to bunt a runner over.


Utility: The interns. Every good team has people that come in when needed and are expected to deliver like the starters.


Front Office: The Elders. They might not make the headlines as often, but when it comes to big decisions they have a huge affect on the game.


The Fans: The congregation. Simply put, without the fans there is no team. They provide all of the support necessary to field a winning team.


sketch house adventure.

so i look out of our back window the other day and one of the mobile homes behind the sketch house is gone. then i look out our kitchen window and yet another mobile home is gone. (just to clarify, the sketch house is not a mobile home). anyways, one of the dad’s from the youth group,who happens to be a police officer, pulls me aside the other day at church and tells me that he answered a call over by us the other night. come to find out, our old neighbors really like flatscreen tvs. so much so, they had amassed more then twenty of them in their mobile homes. the only problem is that none of those flatscreen tvs where theirs. yeah, not a great idea. either way, we have a much better view from the sketch house now.


zooey deschanel.

I watched Yes Man last week and have a new celebrity crush on Zooey Deschanel. At the very least her voice. Check out She & Him if you have any further questions.


worship positions.

this is a repost from my new favorite website:



Come Thou Fount has always been one of my favorite worship songs, but I never knew what ‘Here I raise my ebenezer’ meant. So tonight at small group one of the guys looked it up and now i have a new favorite biblical term. When the Israelites finally get their act together and decide to follow the Lord they call on Samuel to make a sacrifice. After the sacrifice they chase the Philistines out of the land for good, which has been a long time coming. To comemerate the occasion, Samuel sets a stone aside that he calls Ebenezer, meaning ‘The Lord has helped us’. I love this image this brings in the context of the song, raising this stone as a symbol of God helping us on our journey. I focus in on God’s love a lot, and God’s mercy even more, but sometimes I forget to remember His provision as well.


one love, one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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