‘Live Free, Blog Hard’

so i’m hanging out at the local coffee shop with free wifi, and the barista chica sees me on my laptop (working on class for this week), and she comes over and says, “live free, blog hard”. i’m not sure what that means, but i laughed anyways. so yes, i am one of those guys that hangs out at coffee shops and sits there with his drink and a laptop. there are worse things i could be.

this week is relatively mellow compared to last. plans and goals are getting finalized for our fall overhaul of the youth ministry. right now it’s a matter of putting a name and some finishing touches on some events and i think we’re going to be ready to go for our nov 1 starting date. i’m kind of excited. i feel like i just finished finals and all i have left are a few presentations.

i also started this franklin-covey organizational system that seems to be pretty cool so far. i still think it’s a glorified day planner, but supposedly people pay a lot of money for the stuff that one of my deacons gave me for free. anyways, i basically spend time every day planning out the next day, and it helps me get more stuff done. i figure anything is better than what i’m doing now, but this seems pretty cool so far. it def has a spiritual side to it that’s been a blessing the past week, and it’s nice to look at my top priorities every day and see relationship with God at the top of list.

i finally got head down to murrietta this sunday and hang out with cactus james, and dantheman. i bought him his first baseball and glove, but he’s still in the ‘i can’t hold things’ phase. to his credit, he is only a few weeks old, so he has plenty of time to learn. it was pretty trippy to hold him though. he was quiet, seemed really strong, and just kind of sat there looking at me for a while. i was just glad that he didn’t cry. all in all it made for a good week. oh yeah, and it was pretty cool seeing dantheman as a dad.

we hung out in san diego with some friends visiting from tulsa for most of the afternoon, then i had to head back norte to try and beat traffic, which didn’t really work. but, it did afford me some time to blast some new tunes really loudly for a long time, which i enjoy a lot and haven’t done in a while. i listened to both bedouin soundclash albums, angels and airwaves, some classics like wilson pickett, otis redding, james brown, the temptations and ben e. king. a pretty eclectic drive. anyways, there were a few lyrics that stuck out that i wanted to share.

I’m sorry I have to say it but you look like you’re sad
Your smile is gone; I’ve noticed it bad
The cure is if you let in just a little more love
I promise you this, a little’s enough

-A Little’s Enough by Angels & Airwaves

That chorus over and over again hit home. I’ve been in a little bit of a funk lately. call it a busy schedule, call it frustration, call it uncertainty, but there really is a lot to that idea that joy comes from opening up yourself for others to love you. i don’t know, it hit home for me, and i’ve been in a much better mood the past few days.

When the walls fall down
On your old town
Then you began

See I had these walls
Built up so strong
Built when I was young
In wars I’ve won

But if I’m alone
Stone upon stone
So tall I could not see
Beyond my wall

But your walls fall down
And your walls fall down
And when walls come down
On your old town
You began

A bit unassured
A bit insecure
I climbed up to the top
And saw I lacked
And my fist stone cracked
Foundation collapsed
Standing on the ground
In stones I found

That your walls fall down
And your walls fall down
And when walls come down
On your old town
You began

In other lands
From where you stand
Beneath a shelter built by many hands
There is a stone
And you’ve locked the door
Of people you were swore
you came for war

And your walls fall down
Walls fall down
Walls fall down
Like a stone falls down
I’m no stone
I’m no stone
Its just a stone
Stone falls down
Says hes a stone
(Walls fall down
Walls fall down)
No man’s a stone

-Walls Fall Down by Bedouin Soundclash

This song hit pretty hard mainly because i was on my way out of san diego. it made me think of all the different things i’ve had to lose, gain and go through in my journey over the last ten years or so.

the odds that i end up watching high fidelity tonite are pretty good.

and on a completely random note… why is it that a new pair of shoes are the most comfortable thing in the world? i found the most comfortable pair of shoes (or sandals – there’s a debate going on) and i’m not sure if the reason i’ve worn them the past three days is that they’re that comfortable, or i’m telling myself they are because they’re new. oh yeah, and if anyone thinks i’m a shoe junkie, i left my old shoes at the beach this weekend so i needed a new pair. therefore this was buying – not shopping. anyways, here’s a pic of my new shoes…

well, there’s more excitement going on in my life, but i feel like skating for a few minutes before class starts up.

one love, one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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