i ain’t got time to bleed… but i do have time for a few top ten lists

top ten things that can make my day

a good stereo

hearing someone with a unique laugh (topgun girl)

jeans just out of the dryer

having a half hour or so to crank out some noise on my guitar

the first sip of a pepsi big slam (i’m not sure why, but they taste better)

finding out the astros shut down the braves in game one of the playoffs

when a kid in the youth group finally gets it

driving north on the 101 towards camarillo

when the phone rings and it’s someone unexpected

when you are driving and the song ends right as you turn off your car

and to continue on with this whole sentimental mushy stuff… this comes from a discussion i had the other night with yepshesavalleygirl the other night

top ten movies it’s ok to for guys to cry at: (this does not mean i have actually cried during these movies, but the thought may have been there)

10. the passion -if you didn’t cry at this one you might want to take a good hard look at your spirituality

9. we were soldiers– something about the ending caught me off-guard, what else can i say

8. schindler’s list -i’m good till the gold ring at the end

7. the three stooges -who says crying can’t come from laughter

6. my girl -not a movie you want to watch when your best friend is about to have a liver transplant

5. glory -extreme acts of patriotism will get you every time

4. miracle -(see glory)

3. field of dreams -kevin costner isn’t much of an actor, but you’ve got to have a cold heart not to get misty when he’s playing catch with his dad at the end

2. saving private ryan -it’s really tough to watch when a marine from ny you call family looks like tom sizemore

1. rudy -(see passion)

honorable mentions: top gun, remember the titans, lean on me, dumb and dumber, blackhawk down

top ten movies it is NOT ok for guys to cry at:

10. hoosiers -no one should cry at a movie with gene hackman or dennis hopper in it. ever. one of the great sports movies of all time, but it lacks the patriotism thing that makes miracle acceptable.

9. old yeller -if you’re a five year old boy, that’s one thing… fifteen i’m going to say is pushing it

8. lord of the rings: return of the king -sean astin may still be know as ‘rudy’, but that doesn’t mean you can cry at the end of all of his movies (encino man for instance…)

7. steel magnolias -no guy should ever watch this movie much less cry over it. although losing a 20 year old julia roberts is a tragedy… oh wait. it’s just a movie.

6. father of the bride -any emotional outbreaks should be held in check by martin short’s less than stellar character

5. braveheart -he wins in the end. tough it up. that’s what william wallace would have wanted

4. the alamo -you already knew they lose going into it. just let it go texans… let it go…

3. stand by me -close, but not quite there

2. tie you’ve got mail/ any other movie besides top gun with meg ryan in it -(see steel magnolias)

1. lion king -i actually heard that guys cried over a cartoon

call me insensitive or whatever… there are just some times it’s not okay to be bawling at the end of a movie. now it’s time to go home and watch predator.

one love one heart.


Author: djiverson

I am a Christian, son, brother, artist and friend. I am blessed to be the Youth & Family Minister at New Vintage Church in San Diego. Know You Are Loved.

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